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"If you pick me a flower, I’ll wear it in my hair. I’ll stash little notes for you where you least expect them. I don’t have many firsts left.. but I’d like someone who I could offer all of my lasts. We’ll make history together. I’ll wait for you even if you’re late – and I won’t complain about it. Kindness to cashiers, valets, waiters and maddeningly slow postal clerks who would try the patience of Gandhi is a must. I will feel safe and most at peace in your arms. When you’re counting aloud, I will try and mess you up. I find you magically delicious. I will let you be right when it doesn’t really matter. I’ll giggle when you show off and I know it’s just for me. I’ll hold your coffee while you drive. I can build a fire without burning the house down. If you wash the car with me – I promise to wear a white t-shirt for you. I‘ll hide around corners and try to scare you in the middle of the night.. of course, I’ll end up scaring myself and you’ll have to calm me down. I can change a flat tire and my own oil. It’s the simple things you do that make me swoon the most. I love it when you sing to me. I’ll make you mickey mouse pancakes. Sleeping in has a whole new meaning now that we’re doing it together. I’ll cover you up and kiss your forehead when you fall asleep watching tv. I won’t swear around your family or make you wear silly sweaters at my family’s during Christmas. I’ll grant you three wishes. I’ll make you laugh. I’ll stare in wonder with you at that hot chick with the great rack. I will marvel at your strength. I’ll take care of you when you’re sick. I give a kick ass massage. I think it’s hot when you come home all dirty from playing or working hard. My heart will skip every time you walk through the door. My kisses will take your breath away – seriously. I’ll giggle if you leave your socks on in bed. My quirks and oddities have been deemed ‘adorable’ and I will love you more everyday for all of yours. I’ll hold you when you need it. I will give you space when you need it. I will let you be you. You’ll sleep better when I’m next to you. I’ll thank you every time you open a door for me. I’ll never give you shit in front of your friends. I won’t ever let you leave for work in the morning without your lunch and a passionate kiss. We can watch your movie first. I’ll clean the house perfectly every time your mom comes by. I like horror movies only when you’re with me and only as long as you hold me close. I don’t litter. I love when you pull me down to sit on your lap. I love it when you lay your head on my chest in bed. I can be ready (shower and all) in half an hour. I’ll look cute as hell in your shirt in the morning. I can balance a checkbook. I can never turn down a challenge. I’ll fit perfectly in your arms. I’ll understand if you get jealous – and do my best to show you that you have no reason. Hand-written love notes will get you laid every time. I can totally keep a secret. I’m pretty damn funny and will do anything to make you laugh. You will always look hot to me in the morning. I think it’s cute when you eat off my plate. When you’re sleeping, I’ll try to stay quiet. I’ll call when I say I will. Treat me like a woman and I’ll treat you like a man. To clarify: I’m not looking for a savior, a fix-up project, or anything of that sort. I’m looking for a man who quite simply adds something extraordinary and special to my life. And I to him. A fair exchange, an amazing mind, body and soul connection and a place to build something magnificent"

Unknown author.


  1. Es cierto que nadie puede enamorarse de quien no conoce, pero al ver ese rostro he quedado sin palabras, quien diría que el seguir al chicken me llevaría a encontrarme con esta dulzura. Soy fanatíco de mix y desde este momento seré esclavo de tu mirada, pero sobretodo de esa personalidad que irradias a tu alrededor.

    Tu admirador numero uno: escorpionov


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Revontulet finés

Revontulet finés[1]
11,12 y 14 Mayo 09.
Aquí abajo en la tierra donde los seres mágicos reinan
aún así entre lo podrido hay mil buenos hechizos
he querido centellear, el cielo entero iluminar
del sol el viento solar que de nubes ha de emanar.Vayamos a fantasear, mirar un efecto austral una vez más
cuando el plasma perpetúe el espacio en donde estés
con iones fieles que encienden tu piel
me iré corriendo detrás de ti… aurora boreal y yo estrella al fin
rojo, verde, azul y violeta… interferencias de satélite llegan
y no hay mejor espectáculo que el que dejas a tu paso.Sol padre interfiere, curiosea el tiempo espacial que tienes
causa silencios, has la tele un desierto, que lo eléctrico desaparezca un momento
entre suspiros tuyos me voy perdiendo el frío cala menos el cuerpo
aurora… Diciembre… eres lo mejor que se tiene
el cielo… mi cielo… donde admirarte de vez en cuando se puede
no hay atardecer ni amanecer mejor que el que aquí se ve.Aurora, aurora… boreal o austral
por ti todo daría e …


Quitarte el anillo Es sólo romper una costumbre No la necesitas, sólo te resulta raro ya no encontrarlo; Después de todo, sólo estaba ahí adornando tu mano


Época de redención que irradia emocióna donde quiera que voy, en navidad estoy some white trees follow me, they all look the same and I follow the stars above, before I sing out loud.
Alegría para dar, siempre de par en par nada va a detener mi felicidad go to sleep, the nigh is here, it brougt so much dreams at the distance some bells sound, now they feel alive.
Villancicos cantaré en diciembre y enero tal vez que la magia de la Tierra no se ve y es necesario hacerla saber.
Época de redención con paz para el interior a donde quiera que voy, todo blanco es jo jo.
Alegría para dar, más felicidad nada va a detener que la nieve caiga ¡hey!
Round and round, the reindeers are coming this whole night I won't be lonely and between the hugs and chorus I will follow what I long to it doesn't matter if it's raining, or if the snowflakes now are fading this year I'll get all I've wanted soon this song will erase my nightmares.